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Lillie Foose

Business Administration Program - Hospitality

Meet Lillie Foose, the event-planning powerhouse from Mashpee. Currently pursuing her passion at 4Cs, Lillie plans to make her mark in the industry. When asked about her favorite thing about the program, she had this to say: "My favorite thing has got to be the two professors who teach the majority of my classes. They bring personal experience and fun into all of our classes."

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Hospitality means the world to Lillie, and she believes in bringing happiness, comfort, and excellent food to everyone. She chose the hospitality program because, for the past 11 years, it's where she's been, with a smile on her face, trying to go above and beyond what her job parameters allowed. She believes moving into management and learning about events will fulfill all those dreams she had as a waitress with very little control in her workplace environment.

Lillie's favorite thing about 4Cs is the sense of community. "It's a smaller campus, so it's easier to find so-and-so, and even students I just met during the Spring New Student Orientation, and I have grown closer just because we see one another often. It's really something else!" she says. She also has a faculty mentor, Harmony Carroll, who helps her accomplish so much and is just all-around the best.

When asked why she decided to come back to school, Lillie said she kept planning events in her home or working with a local non-profit, and the amount of comments she received about how she should be paid started to get to her. She attended some Zoom advisor meetings over the summer and figured out a plan on how to get where she wants to go.

Lillie is a member of the Hospitality Club, which takes tours of hotels, restaurants, and food expos. "It's a wonderful club, and I am open to all questions people may have about it!" she says. Her advice to new students is to explore the campus, pop into your advising center, and find your people and your club. "It is so worth it!" she says.