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Elevate Your Learning: Commonwealth Honors Program at 4Cs

The Commonwealth Honors Program at Cape Cod Community College offers a unique opportunity for students and faculty to enrich their academic journey. With specialized courses, scholarships, advisement, and support, the Honors Program is dedicated to nurturing the academic success of its students. It provides a platform for highly motivated individuals to pursue independent research, collaborate with faculty and peers, and develop critical thinking skills, all while preparing for advancement to the Commonwealth Honors Programs.

Unlock Your Potential: Why Choose Honors?

Taking Honors courses is an academic adventure that challenges and rewards you in numerous ways. Here's why it's worth your while:

Engage in In-Depth Exploration: Dive into topics of personal interest through Honors courses and contracts, allowing you to conduct in-depth research and receive credit for your work.

Small Class Environment: Enjoy smaller class sizes that foster meaningful discussions and closer interactions with faculty mentors, setting the stage for future letters of recommendation.

Recognized Academic Achievement: Successful Honors work is noted on your transcript, showcasing your capability and making you a strong candidate for transfer colleges.

Become Part of an Intellectual Community: Join a community of scholars who share similar goals, approach learning passionately, and benefit from each other's strengths.

Scholarly Opportunities: Honors students are eligible for scholarships through Cape Cod Community College's Educational Foundation and can participate in regional and national Honors conferences.

Flexibility in Participation: Take one or more Honors-level courses, whether you aspire to become a Commonwealth Honors Scholar or seek academic challenges for personal growth.

Transfer Pathways: Commonwealth Honors Scholars may gain acceptance into Honors Colleges at University of Massachusetts campuses and state colleges, with more details available on the state's Commonwealth Honors Program website.

Qualifications for the Honors Program 

Eligibility for the Honors Program is determined based on the following criteria:

New Students:

  • Achieve an Accuplacer test score of 276 or higher for Honors English Composition I eligibility.
  • Obtain a combined SAT score of 1200.
  • Provide a high school transcript verifying a GPA of 2.7 or higher.
  • Test into English Composition I and secure an Honors recommendation from a high school faculty member or guidance counselor.

Current and Transfer Students:

  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.2 or better.

Students Returning After an Interruption in Schooling:

  • Attain a combined SAT score of 1200.

Fresh Start Option:

  • Achieve an Accuplacer test score of 276 or higher for Honors English Composition eligibility.

Commonwealth Honors Program Contract

Embrace the Honors Community

Make the most of your Honors experience through these additional opportunities:

Honors Center: Located on the top floor of Tilden Arts Center, the Honors Center is a hub for Honors scholars to study and interact with fellow students. It is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and by appointment.

Honors Club: Join the Honors Club to connect with like-minded peers. Meetings take place on Mondays at 5pm via Zoom. Meeting ID 946 2434 0385.

Contact the Honors Program

For any inquiries about the Commonwealth Honors Program, contact our Honors Program Coordinator:

Kate Martin, Honors Program Coordinator

Phone: 774.330.4665


Location: MM Wilkens 207 (Professor Martin) or Frank Wilkens 204 (Cindy Pavlos, Honors program assistant)